You Have Been Using Sanity Towels Erroneous Your Entire Life !!!

Sanitary towels is worn between the vulva and the panties. There are two types of sanitary towels. The first have adhesives that stick to the panties, while others have wings that wrap under the panties to maintain the pad in place. After every 4 to 8 hours, sanitary towels must be switched to be able to avoid it from getting over soaked.

Disposable sanitary towels

Step 1

You have to remove the sanitary towels from the package and unfold it.

Step 2

Sit on the bathroom. Pull your underwear down to just above your knees.

Step 3

After that,remove to reveal the adhesive on the rear of the sanitary towels. There will be three strips if you are using a sanitary towels with wings. This means one and the primary one on each wing.

Step 4

You should press on the sanitary towels, adhesive side down, onto the crotch of your knickers. Next, fold the wings, finally and around the sides of the crotch of your underwear, press them against the underneath of your panties. If you are utilizing a sanitary towels for thong panties, intended, you have to be sure the broadest part of the towels is facing the front of your underwear.

Step 5

You can see by pulling up your underwear, if the sanitary pad is in the correct position. It should cover the entire opening of your vagina.

Measure 6

To be able to see if it must be shifted, in every two hours you should check your sanitary towels. You’ll be aware that it’s time to alter it when the sanitary towels is no longer absorbing menstrual fluids and wet on the surface.

Measure 7

Fold your used sanitary towels up, just like it was when you removed it from the bundle for the very first time. You throw it away in a trash can, ought to wrap toilet paper around the sanitary towels and after that.

Reusable sanitary towels

Step 1

You need to sit down on the bathroom and pull your underwear down to just above your knees.

Step 2

Place on the crotch of your knickers with the snaps on the wings facing up towards you.

Step 3

After this, you must fold the wings over the sides of the crotch of your knickers.

Step 4

You should assess your sanitary towels every two hours to be able to see if it needs to be shifted. You’ll know that it’s time to alter it when the sanitary towels is wet on the surface and no longer absorbing menstrual fluids.

Step 5

Put in a pail of soapy water to soak. Put on top of the bucket and keep it under the bathroom sink. You must keep putting each used sanitary towels in the pail until the end of your menstrual cycle. At the end, when you are done with your period, you must empty the bucket of soapy water and sanitary towels into the washing machine and wash in hot water with laundry detergent that is regular.


You’ve got to get rid of the disposable sanitary towels that are used in a trash can that’s out of reach of pets. Because some pets are attracted to the odor of menstrual blood, it truly is like that.


You must wash your hands before and after changing your sanitary towels.

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