Clear Mucus From The Lungs And Strengthens The Immune System With This 3-Ingredient Elixir!

The chilly months of autumn bring a number of illnesses that make our noses runny as well as our throats phlegmy. Whether you have a cold or the flu, there’s nothing you need more than an effective treatment that can alleviate the cough and take the mucus out of your lungs.

Yet, honey, lemon water, and ginger can offer excessive mucus with relief that is unbelievable. Excessive mucus is a common symptom of viral infections, seasonal allergies, and smoking-associated illnesses. You can frequently determine what may be causing it by finding the color, quantity, and consistency of your mucus, in case you are afflicted with excess mucus.

Fortunately, this 3-fixing elixir can reduce excess phlegm and mucous in your lungs, nose, and throat.

Recipe for ginger-lemon-honey drink

This recipe will create 2 to 3 servings.


  • 100 grams of raw, organic honey
  • 100 ml of water that is filtered
  • 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 inch of ground ginger


You boil the mixture for ten minutes and need to blend water and the ground ginger. Once it’s cooled, add the honey and lemon juice, then leave. Store the drink in the refrigerator (you are able to use it for up to a week). How to use: Before you leap for high-priced or antibiotics faux drug for your cold or excessive phlegm, attempt have this healthy elixir in the morning.

Consume 30-40 mL of the beverage on an empty stomach every morning. Your immune system will undoubtedly be reinforced once consumed for 40 days. Take a break for fourteen days, and continue the treatment for an additional 40 days. You can use it by steaming, if you’re suffering from excess mucus and phlegm. To do this, boil a pot of the concoction, hold your face over the bowl and inhale the steam for about five full minutes. To concentrate your lungs exposure to the steam, cover your head using a towel

Benefits of ginger

Ginger provides a significant improvement to the entire apparatus, and a few of the active elements in ginger, like oleoresins, are generally found in most cold and flu treatments. Ginger is also known to improve circulation, which can support any excess mucus to be discharged from the lungs.

Furthermore, ginger is known to fall a headache brought on by the congestion of your sinuses and falls the build up of phlegm that is left behind following the healing from an illness. Additionally, ginger can reduce fever, chills, morning sickness, inᐜammation, and alleviates asthma.

Honey is well known for its anti-inᐜammatory, antibacterial and antifungal beneᐜts. Plus, it really is loaded with antioxidants and ᐜavonoids, which provide numerous health beneᐜts. Honey is, in addition, known to cut back phlegm and mucous, and the feeling of a sore throat after incessant coughing. Moreover, honey contains probiotic bacteria called Lactobacillus Kunkeei, which is known to strengthen the immune system. You should opt for raw, organic honey.

Advantages of lemon

Being rich in vitamin C and potassium, lemon is considered to be really beneᐜcial to the immune system. Also, lemon has antimicrobial and anti-inᐜammatory properties, which can cleanse mucus and regenerate the immune system. Additionally, lemon balance pH levels in the body, can control blood pressure, and stimulate nerve function. When your lymph system is hydrated your stress levels will be reduced, lemon will prevent dehydration and adrenal fatigue, along with your hormones can be modulated.

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